The company MG Inštalaterstvo d.o.o. was founded as a craft business in 1991 by Mavricij Grošelj. At first, our services primarily focused on residential construction. In 1995, we expanded our business into industrial branches. This was the sector where we were able to develop our first-rate services – we are now providing high-grade industrial installations for even the most demanding industrial branches.

In the past 30 years, we have gained the trust of numerous clients. Our commitment and hard work have helped us become one of the most renowned companies providing industrial installation services. Our family craft has been developed into a modern business offering jobs to numerous professionals.

Our services:

  • Heating systems installations
  • Plumbing installations


    Sanitary equipment installations and replacements
  • Heat pumps installations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Solar panels installations
  • Biomass heating systems
  • Drains and sewers cleaning
  • Pipe installations – from stainless steel to industrial steel tubes
  • Maintenance, investment and repair works
  • Industrial lubrication systems
  • Compressed air distribution and hardware connections
  • Pipe installations of hydraulics systems
  • Pipe installations of high-pressure cleaning tools for cleaning mixers, tubs, hardware etc.
  • Pipe connections of technological processes/plants and piping systems between plants
  • INOX pipe clamps in dimensions from DN 15 to DN 400, suitable for heavy loads
  • Pipe bending up to Ø 60 x 5 mm

Since the company was founded, we acquired numerous certificates and our employees have passed the test for:

  • Certificate of competence for the installation of Ex-equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres and explosion protection according to SIST EN 1127-1: 2008
  • 7 Certifications for TIG 141 welding, welding of stainless steel, black material, oxyacetylene welding (311)


    Certificate on welding competence for welder (A-test) according to EN ISO 9606-1: 2013
  • Certificate for HVAC industrial construction (gas pipelines, steam line, water, and hot water pipes)
  • Certificate of competence for pipe joining with pipe clamps
  • Certificate of competence for the HVAC service technicians
  • Numerous certificates on safety at work
  • Lift operator licenses
  • Forklift truck and lifting platform operator licenses
  • SQ – Slovenian quality certification mark
  • Mark of Excellence in Construction

Satisfied Clients

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